Thick potion

Dec value: 373:32
Hex value: 175
Maximum stack 1

Thick potions are created by adding glowstone dust to a water bottle. This potion is rather pointless, as it can only be turned into a potion of weakness by adding a fermented spider eye. Simply adding a fermented spider eye directly to a water bottle will result in the same potion of weakness.

Bone meal

Dec value: 351:15
Hex value: 15F:15
Maximum stack 64

Bone meal is crafted from bones, which are dropped by skeletons. Bone meal is used to dye sheep and white wool white, though dying white wool white is, of course, pointless. Bone meal is also used as instant fertilizer. By right clicking most plants while holding bone meal, the plant will instantly grow to its final stage.

Crafting recipes

Awkward Potion

ID: 373:16
Dec value: 373:16
Hex value: 175
Maximum stack 1

Awkward potions are water bottles with a nether wart added to them. It forms the base of all potions, with the exception of potions of weakness. Secondary ingredients can be added to this potion to create potions with an actual effect.

Eye of Ender

Dec value: 361
Hex value: 17D
Maximum stack 64

Eyes of Ender are created by combining an ender pearl with blaze podwder in a crafting interface. They are used to find and activate End portals.

Using eyes of Ender

An eye of Ender can be shot by right clicking, much like an egg or snowball. If the player is not on top of the End portal, the eye will fly up in the air towards the End portal. After a short distance the eye will either drop on the ground or explode in a small burst of green particles.

Once the player is on top of the End portal, the eye will fly directly to the ground. Now all you have to do is dig untill you find either cracked brick, mossy brick or brick stone, which indicates the ceiling of the portal room. Digging through this could cause you to fall in lava.

End portal activation

The End portal consists of 12 portal frame pieces, some of which will already have an eye of Ender inserted in them. The other portal frames will require an eye of Ender to be inserted. Once all portal frames have an eye of ender, the portal will activate, allowing you to travel to the End. Note that there’s no way back from the End untill either you or the Ender dragon is dead.

Gray dye

Dec value: 351:8
Hex value: 15F:8
Maximum stack 64

Gray dye is created by combining bonemeal with an ink sac in any crafting interface. It can then be used to paint sheep and white wool blocks gray. It can also be used to create light gray dye by combining it with bone meal.

Crafting recipes

Mundane potion

Dec value: 373:8192
Hex value: 175
Maximum stack 1

Mundane potions are glass water bottles with a secondary ingredient added to them. This is a mistake some players make, as this step can only lead to potions of weakness.

To create a potion of weakness from a mundane potion you have to add a fermented spider eye, but by simply adding fermented spider eye to a water bottle you will also create the same potion of weakness.

Mundane potions are also created if you add redstone dust, though its real name is mundane potion extended. By adding a fermented spider eye to this extended version will result in a potion of weakness that lasts 4 minutes instead of the usual 90 seconds. This step not a waste of ingredients if you intent on making these 4 minute weakness potions. There is no other faster way to create this potion, though there are other ways to create it.

Potion of poison

Dec value: 373:8196
Hex value: 175
Maximum stack 1

A potion of poison will, of course, poison the player and cause damage over time untill the player reaches half a heart of health. The effect of the potion will remain untill its time runs out, so when the player gains health the poison will take effect again, untill the player reaches half a heart again.

There are 3 types of potions of poison, a 45 second version, a 2 minute version and a 22 second version called potion of poison II. A potion of poison will cause half a heart of damage every 1.5 seconds. A potion of poison II will cause 1 heart of damage every 1.5 seconds. There is a final potion of poison II which lasts for a minute, but it cannot be made and is only obtainable through mods.

Rose red

Dec value: 351:1:
Hex value: 15F:1
Maximum stack 64

Rose red is created by crafting it using roses in any crafting interface. It can then be used to dye sheep and white wool blocks red. Rose red can also be used to create orange, pink and purple dye by combining it with bone meal, dandelion yellow or lapis lazuli in any crafting interface.

Crafting recipes

Water bottle

Dec value: 373
Hex value: 175
Maximum stack 1

Water bottles are the very first step to creating potions. Glass bottles are filled by right clicking either a water source block or a filled couldron while holding a glass bottle.
Note that glass bottles can stack, but water bottles can’t.

Cauldrons only allow for up to 3 glass bottles to be filled, but a water source block will allow for an infinite number of glass bottles to be filled, so using a water source block is always faster and more efficient.

Up to 3 bottles can be placed in a brewing stand and it’s advised you do so. A single ingredient will be spread over all 3 potions, so it’s a lot more economic to use 1 ingredient on 3 potions instead of just 1 or 2.


Dec value: 263:1
Hex value: 107
Maximum stack 64

Charcoal is obtained by burning wood in a furnace, each piece of wood will yield only 1 lump of charcoal. Charcoal can be used for everything coal can be used for, which makes it a great alternative for coal in the early parts of the game. Despite having the same properties as coal and looking exactly the same, charcoal and coal cannot be stacked.

Charcoal is often only used to create torches early in game. As a fuel, charcoal isn’t very efficient, at least when compared to planks. If you compare coal and charcoal, charcoal could be more efficient, but only if you can farm wood faster than you can harvest coal.

Lava buckets are almost always more efficient than charcoal, but only if the player has already acquired large amounts of iron (for buckets) and has no other use for it. Blaze rods are often less efficient as it takes longer to acquire them in larger quantities and they’re only found (much) later in game.