Water bucket

Dec value: 326
Hex value: 146
Maximum stack 1

Water buckets are obtained by filling a bucket with water, which is done by right clicking a water source block. Clicking flowing water will not fill the bucket.

Water buckets can be used in various ways, though the most common use is, of course, transportation. They are a great way to create your own custom moats, fountains, showers and other decorational item.

Infinite water

You only need 2 buckets of water to create an infinite source of water. Simply digging a 3 block wide hole in the ground and placing water at each side will create a new water source block in the middle. This new source block can then be picked up and a new water source block will take its place.

Fire extinguisher

Water buckets are perfect to put out fire as you can simply place some water on a high place, let it flow and pick it up again. This is also a great way to turn lava lakes into obsidian floors, though flowing lava will turn into cobblestone. This is perfect for underground exploration where the chance of falling in nearby lava is ever present.

Water buckets as a defensive weapon

On pvp servers many players use lava buckets to burn their opponents, using a water bucket will disable their weapon completely. Drinking a potion of fire resistance will prevent you from taking any damage at all.