Dec value: 357
Hex value: 165
Hunger restoration: 2 hunger bar slot
Hunger saturation: 0.8
Maximum stack 64

Cookies are created with cocoa beans and 2 wheat, which will result in 8 cookies. Compared to other food sources cookies are one of the worst food items. They restore only 2 hunger bar slot and 0.8 hunger saturation. Which is a low ratio compared to most other foods. A stack of 8 cookies also only heals as much as 3 steaks, porkchops or mushroom stews.

Cows and pigs can be found and bred easily, so using the 2 wheat required to create the cookies is often better spent on breeding cows, which has a higher meat drop yield than pigs. If you’re looking for a quick bite to restore the last 1 or 2 hunger bar slots, melon slices are the better choice, though cookies are easier to obtain if you don’t have any melon seeds.

Farming cookie ingredients

If you do want cookies, the ingredients are not that easy to obtain. Wheat is easy to farm, but cocoa beans can currently only be found in dungeon chests.

Farming wheat is very easy. You start by planting seeds on farmland, which will grow into wheat over time. The seeds will require light of level 9 and hydrating the farmland will increase the growth speed. After a while the seeds will have grown through several stages and reach maturity, at which point the wheat can be harvested. You can use bone meal on the planted seeds to instantly grow the wheat, no matter at which growth state it is. Full details on farming can be found here.